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Digital Archive: International History Declassified
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Long Live Liberty
Japanese Old Photographs in Bakumatsu-Meiji Period
A woman dressed in a kimono and hair in Japanese style sits in a room playing a shamisen. A tray with a tea set and a tobacco tray are placed next to her, and a screen is placed at her back.
Patience Monsignor Your Turn Will Come
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Mexican-American War and the Media
Painting of men on a stoop reading a newspaper with shocked expressions surrounded by
Last Meeting of Louis XVI with His Family at the Temple Prison
In Memory of Marat, Friend of the People, Assassinated 13 July, 1793
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President of a Revolutionary Committee Distracting Himself with His Art While Waiting
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Protect the Great Results of the Cultural Revolution, 1974
Kaichi and Mitsuke Schools
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Map Section Image Database
Detail: 1500s map of Asia Minor
Fusillade in the Faubourg St. Antoine, 28 April 1789
Jumping Rope
It Must Not Happen Again (2)
National Security Archive: Sources on Latin America
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