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Excerpt from Putevka 8
Excerpt from Putevka newspaper
Galileo's Notes on Motion
Thumbnail image from website Galileo's Notes on Motion
President of a Revolutionary Committee Distracting Himself with His Art While Waiting
Thumbnail of engraving
COLLAGE The London Picture Archive
Painting of a group drinking around a table
Rajah Rammohun Roy Excerpts
Title page of Translation of Several Principal Books image thumbnail
Remarks on Chinese Character and Customs
“Remarks on Chinese Character and Customs” article thumbnail image
Battle of the Pyramids
Battle of the Pyramids
Shock Workers Visiting Valdai
Shock Workers Visiting Valdai
Barracks for Engineering Staff
Sketch of a man sitting in barracks
Skulls at Donetsk
Photograph of Skulls at Donetsk
Reagan at the Berlin Wall
An Ottoman “Bill of Rights”
Ottoman "Bill of Rights" thumbnail image
Children and Daguerreotypes
Hallway of Vladimirskaia Prison
Photograph of prison hallway
Majalis al-‘ushshak: Gathering in a Mosque
Thumbnail of women and children in mosque