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A PreColumbian Portfolio: An Archive of Photographs
Thumbnail image shows an ruins of an ancient temple with 6 tiers
Susanna Pechuro's Memoir, Page One
Page 1 of Susanna Pechuro's Memoir
Battle of Aboukir
Battle of Aboukir
Mug Shot of S. Iuzefovich
Black and white arrest photograph of S. Iuzefovich
Gateway to Mines at Vorkuta
Black and white photograph of the entrance to camp zone
Massacre of the Prisoners of St. Germain Abbey
The Day after Waterloo
The Day after Waterloo painting
History of Howard High School, Wilmington, Delaware
The Barracks from a Birds Eye View
Sketch illustrating the Karlag camp
Louisa's World
Painting thumbnail of a man and his cows in the countryside
Children and Toys
Thumbnail of two little girls
Baraki (Barracks)
Baraki (Barracks)
Fleeing by Design or the Perjurer Louis XVI
Thumbnail of the king's arrest by the guards
American Indian Girls Playing with Dolls
American Indian Girls Playing with Dolls image thumbnail
Operation Babylift
thumbnail image of operation babylift