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Mapping Margery Kempe: A Guide to Late Medieval Material and Spiritual Life
Thumbnail image of a stained glass window
Assassination of J. P. Marat
Thumbnail of engraving
Man with Guitar
Man with Guitar sketch
Ling Long Women's Magazine, Shanghai, 1931-1937
Detail of the cover of the first issue of Ling Long
Young Voices on Disability, India
Video still of "Steps" thumbnail image
The Roman Aristocrat
Thumbnail of print
Ogonyok Magazine Cover
Ogonyok Magazine Cover
Comrades - It's Over!
The Dream of Malinche
The Camp Kitchen
Sketch of prisoners lined up outside the camp kitchen
Shakhta Kapital'naia or Coal Mine
Color crayon sketch illustrating the mine at Vorkuta.
National Assembly Relinquishes All Privileges
Sukhanovka Prison
Black and white photograph of the exterior of the notorious Sukhanovka Prison
Return from Varennes, Arrival of Louis Capet in Paris
Thumbnail of royal family's return
Missionary Journal, Foot Binding 3