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Child with Purple Plastic Doll near Kumasi, Ghana
Thumbnail of girl holding plastic baby doll
East German Political Cartoon
National Security Archive: Sources on Latin America
National Security Archive logo
Eltaher Collection
Black and white photo of a man in profile with a bead and mushtash, wearing a keffiyeh
COLLAGE The London Picture Archive
Painting of a group drinking around a table
Child Labor in Domestic Service by Gender
Thumbnail of chart
Beijing Silvermine
Early Caribbean Digital Archive
Image of Olaudah Equiano
Indigenous Law Web Archive
Image shows a judicial bench from the Cherokee Nation. Three chairs and two flags US and Cherokee are behind it.
Spy Radio from East Germany
Kyoto National Museum
The image is of "Child with Fox Mask; Gosho Doll" from the museum's collections.  It is a small, white porcelain figure of a child wearing a textile decorated with flowers.  A separate image of the doll on the site shows a fox mask for it to wear.
Jewish Women's Archive
Thumbnail photo of a woman speaking with a banner in the background
A Positive View?
King and Queen as Two–headed Monster
Gallic Declaration of War, or, Bumbardment of all Europe