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Perestroika and the changing Soviet workforce
The Indigo Plant Farm
The Indigo Plant Farm
Provincial Painting—Minatures
Thumbnail of a painted child
Near Fire
Near Fire sketch
Fence Posts in Ice Field
Fence Posts in Ice Field
The Dance of the Dead
Thumbnail of dance of the dead mural
Ethnic Groups in Yugoslavia
Thumbnail of painting
Perm Region Camps, 1948-1953
Perm Region Camps, 1948-1953
By a Stove
Pencil drawing depicting a group of prisoners wearing coats and hats huddled around a stove
Alexander Hamilton on the French Revolution
Alexander Hamilton
Mapping Margery Kempe: A Guide to Late Medieval Material and Spiritual Life
Thumbnail image of a stained glass window
Street Children Billboard, Uganda
Thumbnail of Ugandan billboard
Virtual Angkor
Virtual scene of a long walkway over a river leading to a palace.
Ballad of the Striking Miners: Ballada Strajkujacych Gornikow!