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Fundraising for Palestinian Families in Jerusalem


This is a photograph of Palestinian women activists, shedding light on the political experience of women in Palestine. The leadership of the movement ended up mostly being single women because most of the women involved in the movement were married, had family responsibilities.

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Girls' Education is the Basis of Civilization and Moral Refinement, 1907


At the turn of the 20th century, Tehran published magazines intended to reshape social practices, to "civilize" and "modernize" the nation. Many magazines addressed the education of girls, contending that uneducated mothers resulted in uneducated children and hence a nation that could not advance.

These calls for reform of girls' education came at a time when many countries in the... Read More »

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Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative

Perhaps most interesting and relevant for world history teachers and students are the modules that make connections across space and time.
Image of wall art depicting a cow found in La Grotte de Lascaux

Great Archaeological Sites

The sites are not designed as collections of primary materials (though much primary visual and archaeological data is embedded), but as synopses of particular topics, sites, or excavations. With this in mind, any of these sites would be an excellent place for students to learn the basics of a particular topic.
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Gülen Movement


Despite media reports in the West that often link Islamic education with radical Islam, there are varieties of modern Islamic education. One such example is the Gülen movement. It has inspired the creation of hundreds of schools funded by Turkish entrepreneurs who are members of the Gülen movement, motivated by Islamic principles but offering nonreligious education, whose students often excel... Read More »

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Hadith on Parents’ Grieving upon the Death of Children


The quotations below relate normative examples of parents' behavior upon the death of a child. In the first hadith, or narrative from the life of Muhammad, Prophet of Islam, Aisha, wife of Muhammad, asks about the salvation of those who have suffered the death of one or more children. The query is answered with the message that God compensates this suffering of parents with the reward of... Read More »

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Ibn Khaldun's Study of History (1377 CE)


Statesman, jurist, historian, scholar, and philosopher Ibn Khaldun was born in Tunis on May 27, 1332. Ibn Khaldun is an exemplary example of product of the Islamic education that children and youth received. He received a traditional early education of Qur'an, jurisprudence, and Arabic grammar. In his early 20s traveled to Fes to complete his education with the eminent scholars of his day. Ibn... Read More »

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Illustration from The Maqamat of al-Hariri


During the Abassid period and onward, children four or older in villages and urban centers began attending schools (maktabs) attached to mosques to obtain a basic education in religious matters. Students in a maktab sat in a semicircle on the floor around the teacher writing their lessons on a tablet and then repeating it back for correction. In this illustration, one boy... Read More »

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Indian Ocean History

It is easily the most comprehensive website for studying and teaching Indian Ocean history currently available.

Indus Valley Climbing Monkey Toy


The monkey figurine shown in two views is mounted on a wooden platform for display, but it was apparently designed with the ability to slide down a string or thin rod so as to appear to climb or jump. The figurine is hand-modeled from terracotta and features a fully rounded body in a complicated, lifelike pose with a realistic facial expression, ears, and incised lines representing its fur.... Read More »