Video still of Ronald Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate

Tear Down this Wall


On June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan delivered a major speech on the Cold War with the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall as a back drop. In staging this speech, President Reagan hoped to draw a parallel with the historic speech delivered in Berlin by President John F. Kennedy in July 1963. It was in this speech that President Kennedy spoke the famous phrase: "All free men, wherever... Read More »

Map of Tiananmen Square from the site's virtual tour

The Gate of Heavenly Peace

In general, this website is strongest in fulfilling its original purpose—providing supplementary materials and information for an excellent documentary.
Film still image showing a man and a woman holding a flag

The House with Closed Shutters


In the years before D. W. Griffith made The Birth of a Nation (1915), the epic film that debuted on the 50th anniversary of the Civil War, he produced 11 Civil War films in which he mastered the art of filmmaking and storytelling. These have surprising relevance to the history of girls. A comparison of Griffith's portrayal of heroic girls in Swords and Hearts (1911) and The House with Closed... Read More »

Photo of a battleship at sea

The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures

The collection calls attention to the way in which the emergence of the American Empire coincided with—and was in important ways shaped by—the birth of the cinema.
Portrait of Ho Chi Minh later in life.

The Vietnam War: 1945 – 1975

Included on the site is a curriculum guide - a 180-page PDF that can be viewed on the site or downloaded. The that includes four distinct units divided chronologically (1945-1975) and further divided into eight clusters.
Image of a Buddha statue in the lecture hall of Sitague Buddist Academy

Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library

Users willing to delve deeply into the various sections are rewarded with a vast amount of primary materials in the form of texts, videos, images, and maps.
Video still of Ceausescu

Video of Ceausescu’s Last Speech, December 1989


One of the most decisive moments in the Romanian Revolution of 1989 was Ceausescu’s December 21st speech (or lack thereof). This speech was an annual event and carefully scripted by the regime to insure both success and the appearance of popular support. Workers, military units and other popular organizations were bused to the capitol and given orders on where to stand, when to applaud and... Read More »

Video Tour of Perm 36 Camp


Take a tour of the restored camp at the Perm 36 Gulag Museum in Perm, Russia. Filmed in December 2006, the footage begins with an overview of the main camp: a wooden barrack built in 1946 (the oldest building at the museum), a tree alley planted by prisoners in 1948, the outhouse, the infirmary, the solitary, and a panorama of the camp. The end of the video shows the second, high security “... Read More »

Virtual scene of a long walkway over a river leading to a palace.

Virtual Ankgor

The curated videos alone would be an engaging resource for teaching the history of Angkor, but the site goes further by providing three well designed teaching modules that make use of the sites' resources to explore scholarly themes.
Korean world map

World Digital Library

The World Digital Library is a free online archive of over 19,000 culturally significant primary source materials from around the world.